Government marketer spots trends in outdoor power equipment (with related video)

In the photo: A STIHL  blower in use at a public facility.

GPN reached out to Steve Meriam, director of sales at STIHL Inc., to learn what governments are buying in the outdoor power equipment space. STIHL sells chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, mowers and construction tools. The firm offers gasoline-, electric- and battery-powered products. Steve Meriam’s (photo to the right) views follow.

GPN: Are local governments continually in the market for handheld power equipment?

Steve Meriam: Yes. STIHL has found many cities and counties are looking for new equipment annually. In areas where landscaping activities are going on year-round, such as Florida, there is an even greater need. In many states, our company participates in the annual bid processes for product procurement.

GPN: Are any of your firm’s products doing especially well in the local government marketplace?

SM: STIHL has a broad line of handheld outdoor power equipment. With the increasing demand for low noise and low exhaust emission products, our gasoline-powered equipment is doing well, and the professional series of the STIHL Lightning Battery System is increasingly in demand. Some popular products in the line are the FSA 90 R string trimmer, HSA 66 hedge trimmer, BGA 100 blower and the AR 900 and AR 3000 backpack batteries. Popular gasoline-powered products include the BR 600 backpack blower and the FS 90 R string trimmer.

GPN: Do governments often prefer sustainable/green products?

SM: Cities and counties are seeking more opportunities to invest in sustainable solutions that help them care for nature and benefit their residents and budgets with equipment that performs. Our firm’s product development has always been geared toward satisfying those needs. Our product lines are among the cleanest-running outdoor power equipment…

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