Global Quest GAP Program Connects Young Leaders from Four Continents

Experience, Explore, Engage, Become! This is the battle cry of the innovative new gap program, Global Quest. The three month, three continent program promises a holistic gap experience that includes all of the key gap program components while also introducing its participants to young leaders from across the globe.

Quest Founder, Alexander Papouchis, asks Quest participants, “What do you know about the young people of Peru, Thailand and South Africa? What are the young leaders of these exotic cities passionate about? What are their hopes and aspirations? What are they doing to improve the world and their communities?”

Mr. Papouchis has spent fifteen years in the field and is passionate about international travel and education. He comments, “I am incredibly excited about this program because I know we are going to change lives.”

He continues, “Our flagship program offers a whole person, whole systems education for the 21st century that focuses on personal growth and transformation, real world and career skills development and equipping emerging adults with the knowledge, experience and understanding necessary to live fully, carve out their unique path in the modern world and contribute to the creation of a more democratic, just and sustainable world.”

The three month program appeals to pioneering 18-22 years olds who are looking for a more complete gap experience that includes: Individualized Learning and Mentorship, Home Stays, Language study, Experience with other young leaders, Cross Cultural Immersion, Service Learning, Life/Group Leadership Skills and Adventure Travel.

Global Quest, in its first year of programming, has the backing of an advisory team steeped in international travel and education abroad programming. Jeff Palm, Founder of The Center for International Studies and member of the Global Quest…

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