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We’ve all fantasized about what it must be like to travel as rock star: the parties, the groupies, the pampering, the free everything. Well, a new hotel group has launched with the premise that when you travel, you should be treated like a rock star.

But the truth is, in addition to all the fun stuff, being a rock star sometimes means doing a two-week tour through the Midwest in the middle of winter. That’s why, in some ways, Rockstar Hotels actually offers a better experience than traveling like a real rock star.

Let’s be honest, what sounds more fun? Having the presidential suite all to yourself at a hotel in Columbus, Ohio six weeks into a tour, or lounging poolside with a sweeping view of the Mediterranean in an exclusive Greek resort?

The newly launched group comprises 40 high-end boutique hotels across seven European countries (France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Portugal and the Czech Republic) with plans to expand soon to the U.K. and Germany.

“These are smaller hotels with soul, style and interesting backstories that appeal to the new breed of traveler wary of the proliferation of hotel brands and eager to feel part of the local culture,” the company said in a statement.

Travelers can book any of the hotels at the company’s website. In a quick comparison between the site and, prices were between 5 and 8 percent higher on Rockstar’s website at the few properties I checked. The lowest priced room at the Gran Melia Rome ($270 at was not available at all on Rockstar’s site, and neither were the most expensive suites.

That said, the marginal price difference for booking through Rockstar’s website might be offset, because the company says it offers perks including free upgrades, early check-in/late check-out when available and complimentary amenities. It also says additional benefits are coming.

Each of the properties is independently owned, and carefully vetted before being selected as a member, so consider…

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