Genedata Screener Raises the Bar on Automation in 2018

Genedata is committed to increasing productivity by continually improving workflow automation aimed at eliminating the mundane.

Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for R&D, today announced that Genedata Screener® has been enhanced towards full automation of the planning, execution, and data analysis of screening experiments. The Screener platform is relied on by leading pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and academic research institutions around the world for processing, standardizing and integrating their data from all types of screens – including complex and ultra-high throughput experiments – and funneling results into their data warehouse. This process is now fully automated by Genedata Screener to significantly streamline screening data analysis and increase lab productivity, also through the integration of HighRes Biosolutions Cellario with Screener. New automation capabilities and the Cellario integration will be showcased at SLAS2018 (Genedata Booth #1141, HighRes Booth #905; Feb. 3-7, San Diego Convention Center).

Advanced Automation Fuels Novel Drug Discovery

Increasing automation of lab operations and research processes expedites screening campaigns and reduces lead optimization cycle times in drug discovery. At SLAS2018, Genedata will demonstrate a host of new automation features in Genedata Screener including:

  • Real-time Tracking of screening experiments using user-defined QC criteria: Scientists can produce and monitor results while an experiment is running; email alerts are issued if experiment results fall outside of expected values; and overview dashboards improve experiment quality.
  • Automated Sessions connect laboratory automation with automated data analysis, based on pre-defined, user-configurable…

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