GE Healthcare Translates Assays to High Content Analysis, Providing Faster Results

Maggie Vantangoli Policelli, PhD HCA Field Applications Scientist

High Content Analysis (HCA) is a technique utilizing automated microscopy to obtain phenotypic and morphological information. This data rich approach allows you to extract 70+ measurements from every cell in every image. HCA, however, is not just for screening and drug discovery. This powerful technique can be used to optimize experimental conditions, quantify large numbers of cells, increase replicates and is applicable to many routine experiments.

Through this webinar, which is sponsored by GE Healthcare, attendees will better understand how to confidently translate current assay to HCA, as well as determine field of view size, autofocus and other best practices optimize acquisition settings. Attendees will learn how to choose the correct plate for assay to get the best image quality and quantification and determine the correct seeding density and labeling conditions to accurately segment images.

The team at GE Healthcare has arrange for Dr. Maggie Vantangoli Policelli, a HCA Field Applications Scientist, to be the speaker for this event.

Dr. Maggie Vantangoli Policelli received her Bachelor of Science from Bridgewater State College, and doctorate from Brown University, where her research centered on the development of novel three-dimensional platforms for toxicity testing. This research integrated toxicological, morphological and molecular endpoints using high-content imaging-based approaches.

This webinar will be hosted by LabRoots on November 16, 2017, beginning at 11:00 a.m. PST, 2:00 p.m. EST. To read more about this event, learn about the continuing education credits offered, or to register, click here.


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