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We turn now to the frightening moments midair. An engage breaks apart on a flight heading to Los Angeles. The plane made an emergency landing. Stephanie Ramos is here with more. Reporter: Dan and Paul larks good morning. This is a situation no one wants to be in. Imagine, you’re on a plane with hundreds of other people. You have a front row seat as one of the engines fail. Horrifying moments for the nearly 500 passengers on the flight from Paris to los Angeles. The aircraft was shaking. Reporter: It is an airbus with four engines. One of them started to disintegrate in the air. At the at moment, it was terrifying. Reporter: Part of the metal ocean flapping in the wind. This shoet shows the engine ripped open. The engine failed. And failed spectacularly. And threw hot metal everywhere. This is a dangerous situation. Reporter: Terrified passengers staring out the window. Sharing and documenting their tense trip on social media. Air France confirmed the plane landed safely at an airport in goose bay, Canada. Passenger Sara eamiegh waiting for the plaengs to go on to los Angeles. We have been here for 12 hours. Reporter: The investigators trying to figure out why the plane engine failed. It could be as simple as not putting enough oil in the airplane. Reporter: Meanwhile, a scare on the tarmac at Ronald Reagan airport in D.C. Two planes with passengers on board colliding on the taxiway. Many of the passengers on the air France flight tweeting as soon as they landed. They were stuck on the plane for several hours before they were left off. But they were thankful to survive. They’re on the way to los Angeles today. Let’s check the four cast yet again with rob Marciano. Hey, rob.

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