Frequently asked questions about creating a book

For some strange reason, most of the budding writers tend to have a lot of apprehensions that stop them from creating a book. While some of these writers find it difficult to deal with apathy, there are others who indulge in self-criticism more than often. Either of these problems can lead to some serious repercussions unless a feasible solution is found in a timely manner. Moreover, it is important that these writers are familiarized with the basics of writing, and made aware of some of the common techniques.

Despite these measures, some of the writers might find it difficult to bring their ideas to life, and write. In the wake of these events, it is important that their apprehensions are taken care of; perhaps the answers to the following questions would provide these budding authors with a deeper insight, thereby putting an end to their qualms:

What needs to be done for a creating a book?

First things first; the writer must choose an interesting subject that can attract the audience in large numbers. Secondly, it is important to identify the target audience, and write in tandem with the tastes and preferences of the audience. Thirdly, the writer must create some interesting characters, especially when creating a fiction book; impressive character creation can help the writer in striking a chord with the audience. Fourthly, the final draft (read: manuscript) must be proofread before it is submitted for publishing. Last but not least, the writer must adopt a specific style of writing (creative writing et al), and proceed accordingly.

What can be done to overcome the apprehensions?

There are a lot of techniques that can be used for this purpose, and free writing is one of them. Such techniques can do wonders for those who have had problems in penning down their thoughts because of apathy, self-criticism, and similar reasons. 

What kind of ‘content’ should a book have?

The answer to this question is quite subjective, and is very much dependent on the…

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