FreeLight Helps Seamlessly Control Multiple Lights in One Room and is Offering Major Deals on Kickstarter


I wanted to make FreeLight as straightforward as possible, to turn on my lights and move on with life.

FreeLight is an easy-to-use adapter that lets users turn on multiple lights in one room with the flip a switch. FreeLight creator Pedrum Minaie launched the Freelight Kickstarter campaign last month in hopes to raise $20,000 to bring his inventive product to market. What sets FreeLight apart from other lighting devices is that it does not come with any time-consuming apps to download or require an electrician to install anything. FreeLight is a smart home device for the minimalist.

Using FreeLight is simple. Each basic FreeLight pack comes with a transmitter and a receiver. To set up FreeLight, take the transmitter, plug it into a switched outlet, and plug a lamp into the transmitter. Then, plug the receiver into another outlet in the room and plug the second lamp into the receiver. When the process is finished, turn on the light switch and both lights will work. It’s a simple process that helps get rid of unsightly extension cords, complicated smart home apps and the need to place a lamp by a certain light switch.

“Many people light their homes these days with floor lamps and table lamps, but if you have a number of them in a room it can be a hassle to run around and turn each one on,” said founder Pedrum Minaie. “FreeLight came from wanting to simplify this process and wanting to take advantage of the switched outlets in homes that are becoming more and more popular. I wanted to make FreeLight as straightforward as possible, to turn on my lights and move on with life.”

The FreeLight module measures 2.25” x 3” and currently comes in white to blend in with most wall outlets. FreeLight will work…

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