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Join the Pancake Revolution loyalty club at IHOP and you’ll get a free Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity stack of pancakes just for joining, plus again on your birthday, and then again next year on the anniversary of the day you joined. Just in case your blood sugar is too low. And, no, I have no idea what a pancake revolution is. Learn more here:


Where do you want to go? My latest obsession is, a miraculous site and mobile app where you can look for cheap flights pretty much everywhere in the world. Look for specific places and dates, or just browse. If you love to travel, it’s a great way to waste time in the doctor’s waiting room, or at your kid’s sports practice. You can enter airports such as LAX or John Wayne and then tell the app to show you every cheap flight to everywhere from there, any time — and it will. Warning: It’s highly addictive.


Manny, Moe and Jack want you to save some money at Pep Boys by using their coupons, including one right now for a $19.99 Quaker State conventional oil change, or $20 off a synthetic one. Sweet, right? And note that if you sign up for the shop’s loyalty club, you get this price all the time, as well as other coupons and special offers. Learn more here:

wildart1211 – 12/10/02 – Photo: Michael Goulding / Orange County Register – A child at Glassell Child Development Center in Orange seem to be walking through the “Land of the Giants” (actually it is a statue from the Pep Boys Auto Parts stores of Manny, Moe and Jack that is for sale at one of the stores along the street)while walking up Glassell…

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