Frederick-Based Mid-Atlantic Angels Looks Ahead to 2018

Mid-Atlantic Angels (MAA) announces its schedule of angel investor events for 2018. MAA continues to actively contribute investment capital for early-stage company growth for the region. The aim is to help create successful businesses while generating a return on investment for MAA member investors.

It might be said that MAA investor members live on the “wild side” with their investing. Per the Angel Capital Association’s (ACA) latest “Halo Report,” the median investment by an individual angel investor is $35,000. This capital helps companies grow and generates a return on investment that can be re-invested by investors in other opportunities and contribute to regional economies. BUT, it’s risky. While the average return is 2.5 times investment (250 percent) over 4 years, 70 percent of these early-stage businesses fail to deliver any return.

MAA Managing Director Mark Greathouse notes, “MAA has been fortunate to have three of the five companies its members invested in since 2015 well on the road to success. Given the riskiness of start-up businesses, sustaining this success rate means MAA must be highly-selective in assessing invest-ment opportunities. To ensure readiness to pitch investors at our Shark-Tank-like angel events, candidate companies are screened using 20 key business criteria before facing MAA investors at a Pitch Review.”

Investors must be members of MAA to have the privilege of investing in the early-stage companies pitched at its events. Angel events are followed by due diligence meetings in which investors get into the nitty-gritty of reviewing investment term sheets and questioning the entrepreneurs in greater detail. The object is to mitigate risk so far as possible before the investor opens his…

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