Former England cricketer crowdfunding £15,000 to get leg amputated because the NHS won’t do it

A former England cricketer is appealing for help to pay for a leg amputation after cancer left him with injuries that will never totally heal – because the NHS won’t do it.

Rob Franks, 39, has had two operations to contain an aggressive tumour in his left knee, suffering horrendous pain lthat eaves him unable to sleep and dependent on a cocktail of 29 painkillers a day.

Yet despite his plight, Rob is not eligible for surgery on the NHS, so he’s trying to raise £15,000 for a private amputation.

“I’m not the person I was before,” the dad-of-two told Somerset Live.

“I’m withdrawn and I cry a lot because of the pain. The tablets don’t touch it.”

Rob had two bone tumours removed from his left leg which were spotted when he was rushed to hospital with a sporting injury.

But the operation to remove it left him with nerve damage and struggling to get about using crutches and a wheelchair.

The dad-of-three joined a disability cricket team but in his second match his femur shattered as he stepped forward to hit the ball.

Rob’s fractured leg – he has launched a crowdfunding campaign to have it chopped off.

His shin pads were the only thing that kept the bone from tearing through the skin on his leg and the noise was so loud that the whole pitch fell into a horrified silence.

Surgeons managed to repair the break with pins, plates and a metal rod during a four-hour op, but Rob has been left in agony – and the fracture will never fully heal.

Plagued with years of excruciating pain, the brave dad is trying to raise £15,000 to have his leg voluntarily amputated – an op not funded on the NHS.

Rob, from Poole, Dorset – who has been capped six times for England disability Cricket – said: “I don’t want to be in pain any longer – I want to be able to play with my two children in the garden.

“I want to be the husband my wife deserves and not someone who is forced to stay at home and not go out on walks and family days due to the…

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