Former Bodybuilder and Founder of LiveLiving International Foundation Writes Health and Wellness Faith-Based Study

“Bodybuilding felt like my savior. Where would I have been without it? …. I knew God did not want me to stop with just this experience. He was using it to show and tell me something concerning Himself,” says Hornsteiner in her new book.

Who would have thought that the sport of bodybuilding would lead to a theology of the body? Certainly not Etta Dale Hornsteiner, founder and director of LiveLiving International Foundation, a nonprofit, faith-based organization with a focus on holistic health.Growing up in a Christian home, Hornsteiner’s faith was the foundation of her life. But it was also a faith that ignored the body, or that had very little to say about the body except that it was the temple of the Holy Spirit. Being an educator by profession, a personal trainer by trade, and a bodybuilder by happenstance, Hornsteiner embarked on a journey to find the key to whole health and wellness. She called her discovery “the ten guiding lights to health and wellness.”

With an increase in obesity, particularly among church attendees, Hornsteiner felt compelled to find a set of healthy-living guidelines that would address the body, soul and spirit within the context of her faith. Peering through the lens of the Ten Commandments, she found in them principles that would act as guiding lights in a vast wilderness of health and wellness information. Hornsteiner has integrated the spiritual, social, psychological and physical, to produce a unique panoramic view of our health and well-being.

“This perspective is a unique contribution which helps us understand how all factors of our existence work together,” says David F. Allen, Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and author.

Cal Samra, author of The Physically Fit Messiah,…

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