Football limbo, gumbo-style: An unwinnable situation for LSU, Orgeron and Alleva

BATON ROUGE, La. — This is what football limbo looks like at LSU

Five games into a five-year contract, critics are suggesting the school write a $12 million buyout check to Ed Orgeron after the Tigers lost to Troy.

Five days after last week’s disturbing FBI investigation upped the ante on the out-of-control nature of college athletics, Tiger Nation was going all-in.

See you and raise you: money, greed, expectations and the cut-throat SEC.

College athletics may be nuts, but it’s a special kind of nuts here.

“I think it’s disrespectful, it’s absurd,” defensive end Christian LaCouture said of the rising temperature of his coach’s seat.

Orgeron’s departure would also be absolutely welcome in large swatches of this state. LSU is used to being better. This week, its coach might have Butch Jones as his biggest ally. The Tennessee coach with his own set of problems is at least diverting attention in the gossipy SEC.

They can’t fire Orgeron, of course. Not now because of the upheaval, the ego, the optics, the cash commitment it would take.

You know, all the reasons LSU is in this rut in the first place. The man responsible for it all refused an interview request from CBS Sports.

Athletic director Joe Alleva usually does that when times get tough … and sometimes when they don’t.

Alleva operates imperially, almost in the shadows in a job that demands interpersonal skills. His hiring record — as you will see — mostly sucks, too.

Alleva basically apologized to LSU fans in 2009 with an open letter in the midst of an eight-win season only two years removed from a national championship.

Les Miles still hasn’t forgiven him for that.

If Alleva bought out Orgeron, the school would be on the hook for $20 million in buyout money alone. That’s counting what is still owed to Miles.

A buyout would cripple the school financially and also signal the AD admitting his folly. So it won’t happen,…

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