FlowPlay sets out philosophy ahead of innovative GiGse

At the upcoming GiGse (26th – 28th April, Marriott Marquis Marina, San Diego), FlowPlay and other social casino providers will be presenting on a session around how land-based casinos with established brands can leverage white-label social casino technologies. In the lead-up to GiGse, FlowPlay, CEO, Derrick Morton expands on the session, what it means to be a ‘good corporate citizen’ and how GiGse is a springboard for innovative thinking.

Earlier this year you donated $60,000 to the TAF Academy – what was the motivation for this?
Our products serve a diverse community yet technology companies in general do not reflect that diversity. Supporting the future of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education in underrepresented communities has always been an important cause for our company. We previously donated $26,000 through an in-game campaign to Girlstart, a nonprofit that inspires girls’ interest and engagement in STEM education. With the TAF Academy, our partnership extended beyond our donation which enabled the development of a new state-of-the-art lab within the Seattle-area school to a mentorship program between FlowPlay’s staff and TAF students. Ultimately we’re helping introduce the possibility of careers in the video games industry and STEM more broadly to a diverse set of middle and high school students who would likely not have the opportunity otherwise.

Do you think the broadly-based gaming industry (in all of its guises) needs to be more active in its approach to social issues?
Fundamentally, we believe that being a good corporate citizen is something every company should strive for – regardless of the industry or size of the business. At FlowPlay, we felt that tapping into what we do best as a company and engaging with our dedicated community of players was the best approach to build the foundation of our philanthropy program on. To-date, our in-game campaigns have raised over $200,000 for seven non-profits that the community identified as being important causes for them. From a larger industry perspective, we see an opportunity for all businesses to take a stance and begin engaging in causes that are important to both their business and their customer bases.

What are your objectives from being part of the GiGse experience and what role does GiGse play in helping to shape thinking in the gaming sector?
GiGse brings together some of the top industry publishers, developers, and decision makers bridging the gap between social casinos, land-based casinos and RMG. This year, FlowPlay and other social casino providers are presenting on a session around how land-based casinos with established brands can leverage white-label social casino technologies to help educate the market on benefits and use cases. GiGse is also a great springboard to foster innovative thinking and discussions around issues specific to the North America market, which is often deprioritized in the larger gaming sector.

What do you see as the…

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