Five ways Daniel Craig needs to update his ‘James Bond’ style

While each of the actors who have played James Bond have undoubtedly left a stylish footprint on the franchise, men’s fashion bible Esquire has criticised the current 007, Daniel Craig, for being sartorially out of touch. And, we couldn’t agree more.   

Sure, Craig is easily one of the most well put-together Bonds, but unlike his predecessors who set the benchmark for style in their respective decades, his looks does feel a little stale. 

As Esquire puts it, there are only “so many beautiful grey suits and beautiful grey overcoats” you can gaze it before the need for something different, fresher and more contemporary sets in. 

Here, we consider five ways that Daniel Craig could update his James Bond Style.

The Suit

Arguably the most iconic piece in the character’s wardrobe, a good suit is crucial to making Bond look and feel like he owns the world. But, bar an off-white evening jacket in Spectre, Craig’s two-pieces all feel a little samey.

While we understand that there are very few things more significant in menswear than fit, there’s one trend that could move Bond’s suits in the right direction – a cropped hem. Now we’re not talking full-on ankle swingers here but a nod to the so-called Thom Browne effect could mean he looks a little less charity gala and a lot more undercover spy.


However dapper Bond looks when suited and booted, an elegant pair of formal shoes are hardly prime attire when it comes to pursuing villains atop a moving train. And, with that in mind, we think he’s a prime candidate for the all-white tennis sneaker.

Clean, minimal and built with plenty of grip, this is about as close to a dress show as a trainer gets. Plus, while they undoubtedly look great with off-duty get-up, they can just as easily slide into tailored ones too. 

Patterned shirts 

That’s right, printed shirts are back and we think it’s high time Craig took a leaf out of his predecessor Pierce Brosnan’s book. In…

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