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A great business model or a great business opportunity can be killed by a toxic employee culture. You can look to Uber as a great example. They have a great business model and a fantastic opportunity to build an amazing company, but their culture might just kill the business. If they survive they will have lost billions in value because they let their culture become toxic.

As a senior leader, how do you recognize you have a culture problem? Below are five signs you should be looking for.

Employee Turnover. Compare your turnover to industry averages. A higher-than-average turnover rate indicates a problem. Find out why yours is higher. Is it a pay issue, a problem with your hiring process or is your culture to blame? Use exit interviews and speak to employees to assess the problem.

Absenteeism. Increases in absenteeism is a clear indicator of a problem. Excited and engaged employees come to work if possible. Is a high-stress environment causing more illnesses? Is it not any fun to come to work? Do your employees have good friends at work? If not, how can you help deepen the relationships between your employees?

Recruiting Pipelines. Do you have to search far and wide to attract great employees or do your employees’ friends line up to get in? Friends don’t let friends work at bad workplaces. Ask your best employees why their friends are not applying.

Office Gossip. Do the conversations suddenly change when the leader enters the room? That is a good sign the water cooler talk has gone negative. Don’t get paranoid, just start having deeper conversations with your most trusted employees. Your best team members will open up and let you know what is going on.

Employee Promoter Score. The employee promoter score simply asks your employees how likely they are to recommend your workplace to a friend or family member. The…

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