Five Crazy Theories On That Jay Garrick Cover From The Batman/Flash/Watchmen Story

At this point, fans have seen the lenticular covers for all four parts of the upcoming crossover “The Button” in which The Flash and Batman will contribute two issues each to a month-long story following an attempt to discover the origin of a bloodied smiley face button that appeared mysteriously in the Batcave alongside Wally West in DC Universe: Rebirth #1.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

…Well, mostly.

Fans have seen the full lenticular effect in GIF format for Batman #21 and 22, and The Flash #21.

So far, The Flash #22 has just one image — apparently the “after” image of a before/after where a cover is burned away to reveal the return of a major character.

The “before,” by the way, is pretty clearly an update of Flash Comics #1, which featured the first appeareance of Jay Garrick, the character in question. You can see the two covers compared side by side above.

What is it on the “before” image that’s so intriguing DC appears to be saving it for later? We first assumed it was just a matter of getting the art completed, but upon closer scrutiny of the cover, we’ve decided that there are actually quite a few things that we overlooked in our excitement to see Jay Garrick back in action.

So we figured that we would take our readers on a quick tour of the cover to The Flash #22, and try to suss out just what might be going on with this cover.

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