First Patented Bendable Orthodontic And Pediatric Retraction At Home Device, Mouth-Mate® Launches At The American Association Of Orthodontists (AAO) Session Booth #3449

“We must remember that orthodontic patients with new braces have a new mouth and therefore need additional help at home to improve hygiene. Mouth-Mate provides my patients easier access in their mouth so they can brush better,” says Dr. Domenic Mazzocco.

Armor Dental, a privately held dental device company dedicated to modernizing patient care at home and improving outcomes, announces the launch of Mouth-Mate®, the first patented bendable retraction device to improve orthodontic and pediatric hygiene at home. Mouth-Mate enhances care at home following new braces as patients can retract cheek and lip areas to have easier access, control and focus when brushing and flossing, which will help reduce plaque, cavities and white spots. Mouth-Mate also protects surgical exposures, wiggly teeth and extraction sites for young children, improving hygiene and comfort at home. Cherie Le Penske, CEO, will be demonstrating Mouth-Mate at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Session taking place from April 21st-25th 2017 at San Diego Convention Center (Booth #3449).

“We know that good oral hygiene is essential, but keeping teeth clean and gums healthy during orthodontics is often a challenge for patients at home,” says Dr. Domenic Mazzocco. “We must remember that orthodontic patients with new braces effectively have a new mouth, and will benefit from this new approach to hygiene at home. Mouth-Mate compliments my patients’ daily orthodontic hygiene by retracting cheeks and lips to help them see inside their mouths better, and brush hard to reach areas where bacteria collects, which can help eliminate the risk of developing gingivitis, white spots, cavities, and manage biofilm.”


Armor Dental is introducing Mouth-Mate, a new, modern approach for orthodontists, pediatric dentists and general dentists to improve patient hygiene at home after braces, extractions and surgical exposures. Mouth-Mate is also the first parental aid to help access and brush children’s teeth, which is recommended until 6 years of age.

Mouth-Mate makes at home hygiene easier.

Mouth-Mate is the new at-home preventative product that orthodontists and pediatric dentists can give to their patients to use at home to help keep mouths clean and healthy. With new braces, the inner cheeks can get sore from the wires and brackets, making it difficult and uncomfortable to brush. And patients with exposures can have a challenging time keeping the area clean. Mouth-Mate Oval and Mouth-Mate U-Shape are the prefect addition to a hygiene routine at home.

Orthodontist and Pediatric Dentist Benefits

  • Improve post hygiene at home for multi-month/year orthodontic patients.
  • Reduce plaque, inflammation, and gingivitis.
  • Decrease risk of developing white spots…

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