FireflySci USA Expands Spectrophotometer Calibration Standard Network to Canada

FireflySci, Inc is an explosive small business that continues to grow at an exponential rate. Founded in late 2014, FireflySci had the goal of bringing their powerful cuvette and spectrophotometer calibration to the spectroscopy world. Now in 2017, that goal continues to shape the path that FireflySci is going on as they add yet another mark on the global map.

With distributors in almost every major world country, there was one location that needed to have a FireflySci base established. The most logical place for FFS to set up their new shop was in the country that has an untapped resource of a wealth of laboratories and genius scientists. This place is America’s neighbor to the north, Canada.

The main focus of FireflySci Canada is the production and inspection of FireflySci’s famous spectrophotometer calibration standards. The new facility in Canada will be the main hub where all of FireflySci’s calibration and recalibration work is done. NIST spectrophotometer calibration standards will be made and calibrated in a state of the art laboratory that has all the best equipment on hand.

This alliance is critical for the work that FireflySci USA has worked so hard to accomplish. The new FireflySci USA and FireflySci Canada consortium will allow…

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