Finsbury Park mosque attack: Posts ‘glorifying terrorism’ reported to Government counter-extremism service

Comments “glorifying” the Finsbury Park terror attack have been reported to the Government’s terror alert system amid fears of further atrocities.

A woman who wished to remain anonymous told The Independent she discovered a stream of vile responses to a post on Britain First’s Facebook page.

The far-right group posted a link to its leader Paul Golding’s blog, reporting that the man suspected of ramming a van into worshippers leaving prayers declared that he wanted to “kill Muslims”.

The post on Monday afternoon was inundated with hundreds of comments from both supporters and opponents of Britain First, which is known for “invading” mosques and halal meat businesses. 

Many of the responses attempted to justify the atrocity in Finsbury Park, which is being treated as a terror attack by authorities.

“About time, actually it’s past time to start striking back,” wrote one man. Another added: “The muslims are asking for it and your going to get it BIG TIME [sic].”

Comments posted on Britain First’s Facebook page on 19 June (Facebook)

In many of the vile posts, threats were made clear. “This is war,” a man wrote. 

One commenter said: “A hero hope he starts a wave of retaliation against the evil within our country that’s killed do many already [sic].”

Many praised a man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and terror offences, who has been named as Darren Osborne from Cardiff.

Some posters described him as a “true hero” and “patriot”. “Well done that man,” said one comment. “Why didn’t he use a bigger van?” another asked.

The comments have been reported to the Home Office through a website dedicated to reporting online material promoting terrorism or extremism.

The woman who reported the threats told The Independent she hoped authorities would “apply the same standards” seen in prosecutions over celebrating Islamist terror attacks.

Darren Osborne is believed to have lived in this house…

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