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CHRISTIANSBURG — The municipal noise ordinance is posing a conundrum for another entertainment spot in town.

A Sept. 23 show put on by Fatback Soul Shack not only drew a bigger crowd than the restaurant usually gets on Saturdays, but also police.

During a night time show that inaugurated the restaurant’s outdoor stage, town police stopped by the venue twice within a span of an hour in response to a noise complaint filed by a resident on Geneva Street almost a mile away.

Jared March, whose wife Marie March owns both Fatback and sister restaurant Due South BBQ addressed the Town Council during a meeting last week.

“It was the first event of the kind we had there since we built our new stage,” he began telling council. “We thought everything was going to be excellent, and when the event started it was excellent.

“We did well until about 9:30 when the first town police officer showed up with complaints about a noise violation. He was very polite, very nice, very calm.”

The matter appeared resolved, but another police officer returned to the venue later that evening, March said.

“He was not as pleasant at first, but ultimately he did become very pleasant. We ended up having a pretty good conversation,” he said. “He was very much in favor of what we were doing. He was cognizant the town doesn’t have a lot of entertainment for citizens or for tourists.”

March then took aim at the town’s noise ordinance, which he said is either inflexible or misinterpreted by authorities.

“We’re here to help you understand our perspective on this noise ordinance and hope you might take this up in your committee,” March said before later suggesting changes such as the creation of independent noise regulations in certain zoning districts.

Christiansburg law prohibits sounds emitted from musical instruments, loudspeakers…

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