Family asks for Marine’s stolen memorabilia back

LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) – A father is devastated after he says thieves broke into his home multiple times while he was out of town and made off with an irreplaceable item that belonged to his Marine son.

Like many parents, father Larry Rice keeps safe some of his adult children’s most cherished items – that included a commemorative gun. One that highlighted his son’s dedication to our country.

“There is a lot of crime going on,” Larry said.

After a trip out of town, Larry arrived back to his Los Lunas home this week to find his front door open.

“Went on back and started going through the house then I realized everything had been taken,” Rice said.

Exactly what he feared – in the home where he raised four children, two of them now Marines, it was ransacked. A bedroom was burnt.

“I know then that something was wrong. When we went in the house we realized that not only was I robbed but they tried to burn the house down,” Rice said.

A safe that belongs to Larry’s son, Jesse, was torched and opened. Inside the safe was a gun special to Jesse. It was customized to commemorate his deployment to the Middle East.

Larry said that gun represented his son’s courage and sacrifice.

“He is very proud to get it and the service he has done for this country to earn it. He earn the right to have that gun,” Rice said.

Among everything stolen from Larry’s house, his top priority is getting his son’s gun back.

“They disrespected people in service. They disrespected everyone around them but they only show their own standards that they hold for themselves,” Rice said.

It’s a 30/30 rifle with gold plating. One of Jesse’s fellow Marines has the same commemorative gun (see in the attached video), the only difference is that “Jesse Rice” is the name engraved on one side.

Larry said even though his family wasn’t hurt, they’re still heartbroken.

“People that do these things have no respect for you, for me, for anyone around them,”…

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