‘Fake news’ subject of new course at University of Michigan

ANN ARBOR, MI – At a time when “fake news” and “alternative facts” have become buzz terms in the news media landscape and popular culture, the University of Michigan will soon offer a course intended to help students develop better critical evaluation skills of news items.

The University of Michigan Library has partnered with UM’s College of Literature, Science and the Arts to create the one-credit class, “Fake News, Lies, and Propaganda: How to Sort Fact from Fiction,” which is available starting in the fall of 2017.

Course designer Doreen Bradley said the class is intended to help students be more critical of the sources their news come from in an age of instant access to articles from across the political spectrum.

“We’ve seen that it’s a topic students are struggling with,” said Bradley, a librarian and adjunct lecturer in curriculum support. “Students are fairly good at finding scholarly info, but when you ask them to scan general information like the news through what they find on Twitter or Facebook, they have a much more difficult time determining what is accurate and what they can trust.”

Students learning ‘digital literacy’ to help identify fake news

The news media continues to be a source of contention for President Donald Trump, who held a recent campaign rally in Florida and continued his attacks on the “dishonest media.”

Insisting he was the victim of false reporting, Trump said his White House was running “so smoothly” and that he “inherited…

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