EPA Removes Mentions of ‘Climate Change’ in Water Utilities Program

The Environmental Protection Agency’s website has gotten a makeover since the Trump administration took office, with some references to climate change now wiped from its pages. ¬†

The agency removed the word “climate” from a division’s name and webpage before President Donald Trump‘s inauguration, suggesting that EPA employees may have started constraining information¬†as the transition team settled in and in anticipation of the incoming chill from the new administration.

The division once known as Climate Ready Water Utilities was rebranded as the Creating Resilient Water Utilities in late December, according to archived webpages. By then, Myron Ebell had been in place as head of the agency’s transition team for more than a month. Ebell, a senior fellow at the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute who has long promoted climate denial in his work, was considered a threat to the agency’s mission by many of the career employees.

The program’s website originally said the initiative “provides the water sector (drinking water, wastewater and stormwater utilities) with the practical tools, training, and technical assistance needed to adapt to climate change by promoting a clear understanding of climate science and adaptation options.” The page now highlights resilience to extreme weather events aimed at adaptation, with no mention of climate change.

Original webpage:

Two sections listed on the division’s webpage, “Get Climate Training for Your Utility” and “Access Climate Change Resources,” were removed. (The links listed in these sections go to live pages, but they are not accessible via the main page. That includes the link to climate trainings; it lists one upcoming training, for August 2016.)

One section was changed from “Plan for Climate Change at Your Utility” to “Plan for Extreme Weather.” Another was altered from “Assess Your Risk to Climate Change” to “Assess Your Risk and Find Resources.”

The program’s website also removed references of climate…

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