Enhanced Manitowoc training in Central America

Enhanced Manitowoc training in Central America

Written by Hannah Sundermeyer – 16 Jun 2017

By the end of the program, trainees will be more knowledgeable and efficient in Manitowoc’s aftermarket offerings, improving customer service and increasing customer uptime.

Manitowoc Cranes has expanded its Spanish-language Crane Care training programs in Central America and the Caribbean, focusing on enhancing aftermarket service quality in the region.

Unlike training sessions offered in the past, where trainees had to travel to the United States and attend classes in English, courses now give technicians who don’t speak English the chance to be trained in their native language and to avoid high travel expenses.

The latest two-week sessions were in April at Euromateriales, a Manitowoc dealer in Costa Rica. A group of 14 technicians who work for four Manitowoc dealers in the region — Euromateriales (Costa Rica), Akbar (the Dominican Republic), TecnoGrúas (Panama) and Nimac (Nicaragua) — attended the classes.

According to Cuauhtemoc Flores, Manitowoc Crane Care director of customer service for the Mexican, Central American and Caribbean (MCAC) regions, the programs in Spanish aim to increase the representatives’ technical knowledge in strategic subjects in the region.

“When Manitowoc’s Crane Care training program was offered only in the United States, we had two barriers: the high costs for dealers to send over their technicians and the foreign language,” said Flores. “Thanks to the recent training sessions, these technicians are now more prepared and confident to provide even better customer assistance, which adds value to our aftermarket products.”

The technicians studied Manitowoc crane systems and circuits, deepened their knowledge on hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic principles, and learned about troubleshooting procedures — particularly paying attention to Grove mobile cranes, the most used type of crane in the region. Classes also…

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