eCube Systems and Connect Announces the OpenVMS Modernization Seminar Schedule for This Fall

We hope that developers will use these modern tools on OpenVMS and realize its development environment is just as modern as any linux, Windows or Unix platform, with a more secure and fault tolerant environment

eCube Systems in conjunction with Connect is pleased to announce its schedule for the OpenVMS Modernization Seminar series this fall. Each seminar will feature expert directed labs where students follow steps to install and use desktop tools for modernization, a connection to an AVTware Virtual Server running OpenVMS and a 90 day evaluation license of the three modernization tools featured in the seminar for each student.

The OpenVMS Modernization Seminar is scheduled to kick off at the OpenVMS Bootcamp on Sunday, September 24th in Boston, MA, and the following weeks will feature one seminar in each of the following cities: Amsterdam on October 2nd, Gotenburg on October 5th, and London on October 9th. The training class will feature labs and will be hands on, so each participant will need to bring a Windows, Mac or linux laptop to the seminar so that they can install the Eclipse environment and Java tools necessary to use each moderinization tool. The modernization training will be broken into three components:

1.    Modernization of the Development environment: The Agile Development tool NXTware Remote will utilize an Eclipse based IDE for OpenVMS 3GL and Java Remote development environment with distributed services on OpenVMS.

2.    Modernization of the Deployment environment: NXTmonitor is an Agile Infrastructure tool that performs DevOps functions for Continuous Delivery functionality and incorporates Application Performance Management tools to orchestrate complex applications on OpenVMS.

3.    Modernization…

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