Drawing Comparisons Between Anti-Trump Resistance Movement And Tea Party

The emerging, anti-Trump resistance movement brewing across the country is steeped in the same kind of grassroots activism and fear toward the president that spawned the Tea Party, said Molly Ball, a politics staff writer at The Atlantic.

“The parallels are striking: a massive grassroots movement, many of its members new to activism, that feeds primarily off fear and reaction,” Ball wrote in a recent piece. “Misunderstood by the media and both parties, it wreaks havoc on its ostensible allies, even as it reenergizes their moribund political prospects; they can ride the wave, but they cannot control it, and they are often at the mercy of its most unreasonable fringe.”

Ball said the election of President Barack Obama in 2008 scared groups of right-leaning Americans, most of whom previously sat on the sidelines, who went on to form the Tea Party. From the beginning, she said the Democrats underestimated the Tea Party as not much more than an opposition force ginned up by the Koch brothers.

But then came the 2010 midterm elections and the conservative movement proved to be a powerful force.

Candidates backed by the Tea Party gained dozens of seats in Congress, even kicking out staunch conservatives like U.S. Senator Bob Bennett of Utah, who was guilty of attending Obama’s inauguration and vowing to work with Democrats on issues they could could compromise on.

“The Tea Party was seen as a right wing movement that wanted to move the Republican Party to the right,” Ball…

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