Dr. Matt Fogg Talks Life Changing Relief for Asthma, Eczema and Hives

Some biologics, which are medications that target specific parts of the immune system to affect biological changes and improve symptoms of certain diseases, have been on the market for over a decade. Xolair, for instance, has been used for over 15 years in the treatment of severe asthma cases by decreasing asthma flares and improving lung function. Also used to treat chronic hives, Xolair significantly decreases the severity itching and number of flare-ups. When other treatments have been tried (and failed), approaching your treatment from a more personalized medicine standpoint can be more effective. This is where biologics can help.

It could be due to Xolair’s high success rate that recent developments in medical research have provided new biologics relief for asthma patients in the form of two new biologics, Nucala and Cinqair. For sufferers of eczema, there’s a new Dupixent treatment that helps adult patients with moderate to severe symptoms, often resulting in clearing skin with dramatic effect. In the era of personalized medicine, biologics are becoming more targeted so that relief is possible for even the most extreme cases.

Read our interview with Dr. Fogg to learn more about how biologics are changing the future of allergy treatments, and schedule a consultation with Allergy & Asthma SpecialistsSM to find out if biologics could be the right treatment for you.

Dr. Fogg, can you run us through the process for a patient considering biologics?

Once we determine that a patient is a right candidate, they will come in for an office visit. The biologic would be administered and we would monitor them for a half an hour. Depending on the patient and the biologic, the administration would be every two to four weeks, at home or in the office.

Would you advise patients to try other treatments first?

In general, the treatment paradigm for all three diseases [asthma, hives and eczema] is that you would try conventional medications first. If they were not…

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