Dr. Daniel Taheri and LA Laser & Skin Center Launch Telemedicine Program For Busy Patients On The Go

Virtual visits now available at www.lalasercenter.com

Telemedicine is simple and easy, even for people who aren’t tech savvy.

Dr. Daniel Taheri wants you to get that pesky mole checked, whether or not you can make it to the doctor’s office. That’s why he’s launching an all new telemedicine program from his medical and cosmetic dermatology practice, LA Laser and Skin Center. Telemedicine is a cutting edge way for busy patients to seek treatment and get screened without having to set foot in a medical facility. LA Laser and Skin Center uses the telemedicine application, HealthLens, to treat patients online. Telemedicine is simple and easy, even for people who aren’t tech savvy. Patients can quickly create a profile of their medical history and then upload photos of a problem area. Dr. Taheri and his team will respond within 48 hours with a diagnosis and treatment plan, including any necessary prescriptions. Patients are also able to message the doctor with specific questions about their condition, and they remain in touch with a specialist even after they are diagnosed. Most importantly, HealthLens takes certain forms of health insurance. In many cases, seeing a doctor through this online platform is more affordable than visiting an urgent care.

Virtual visits now available at http://www.lalasercenter.com

Dr. Taheri’s telemedicine program is not just for lifesaving treatments like mole checks. Many patients use the service to receive antiaging prescriptions and acne treatments, too. “The typical patient today puts off visits to the dermatologist because they just don’t have time to come in. But a small acne breakout or tiny rash can quickly become a huge problem. It’s really important to get regular…

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