Donald Trump: What’s it like playing golf with the US President?

We had been allotted two hours with the man who would, as we now know, go on to become America’s 45th President and we had him to ourselves — to interview him as we played a few holes of his stunning links course.

Two years previously, I had interviewed Trump in a cottage office on site, when the construction of the Scottish course was well underway but far from complete.

Back in 2012, he was in the throes of taking on the Scottish Parliament over a proposed wind farm that would be visible from his beloved golf development.

He was in no mood to back down and had no issue commanding the floor of the packed Parliament in Edinburgh to defend his views.

In the years before all of that, he had fought with some residents and landowners about his plans for his first Scottish course and, despite their objections, pushed on relentlessly.

The following year he purchased the Doonbeg links on the Atlantic coast of mid-west Ireland and, prior to our latest feature on him, we had just returned from Dubai, where his new golf and property development with the DAMAC group was underway.

Trump was becoming a massive name in the golf world, mainly through acquisitions but, increasingly, with newer designs.

‘A savvy media operator’

I was interested to see how Trump’s Aberdeenshire course was looking and get a sense of what the man who was making all of this happen was like.

As if to underline his growing influence in the sport, he completed the purchase of the famed Open Championship venue, Turnberry, on the Ayrshire coast just days before we arrived in Aberdeen.

As ever, the ambitions were massive.

Upon arrival, it was clear the star attraction was on a very tight schedule. When I approached him on the porch of the temporary clubhouse to introduce myself, he was friendly but seemingly unaware of our appointment.

He made a quick appraisal of the situation and, within seconds, was…

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