Don Allphin: Unstable ice is the rule this week | Water Sports

In spite of the success I’ve had fishing Lake Powell the past month or so, a lot of you would rather be on the ice than in a boat.

In keeping with your wishes, this week’s column will review some of the local ice conditions and also include some suggestions for safe and successful ice fishing adventures.

Part of my research is to look at fishing reports from all over the state, but specifically those reservoirs closest to Utah Valley. This information comes from anglers, resort operators and, last but not least, the UDWR (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources).

The stark reality is that MOST of our local reservoirs have very unstable ice so safety is a major concern. Also, preparation for wet conditions should weigh heavily on our minds every time we step foot on the ice.

Deer Creek has very unstable ice. Anglers are still catching perch, small rainbows and browns, but quite literally the thickness of the ice can vary by 4 to 6 inches within a few yards.

It is crucial to remember that with water coming into the reservoir from recent snow melt and rain, the shoreline will have some very weak ice and the ice may even pull offshore in areas. My advice is to go back and read my recent columns on ice safety and go prepared for slush and for weak ice.

One thing I do when fishing this time of year is to drill a line of holes 5 yards apart in a…

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