Does Starbucks’ ‘Pink Drink’ Actually Boost Breast Milk Supply?

Some new mothers swear by it, but health experts say there’s no truth to the theory that it can help moms who are having trouble breastfeeding.


“Breast is best.”

It’s the message every new mother encounters again and again from pretty much the moment she conceives.

The problem is that breastfeeding isn’t always easy for every woman.

The surgeon general cites poor family and social support, employment, and child care issues, as well as lack of access to health services, as barriers to breastfeeding —  acknowledging that these barriers all contribute to lower than ideal breastfeeding rates.

For those who do manage to overcome those barriers, milk supply issues can often lead to frustration and giving up sooner than originally planned.

In fact, a 2015 study found that approximately 35 percent of women report low milk supply as their reason for quitting breastfeeding early.

There are a lot of arguments in both the scientific and breastfeeding communities about how accurate those numbers are, but one truth remains.

Plenty of moms want to breastfeed, and search for ways to boost their own milk supply.

A quick Google search will point you to all kinds of recipes, teas, and products marketed to women hoping achieve that goal.

Beth Rasmussen told Healthline that lactation cookies work for her.

“The brewer’s yeast and oatmeal in them really helps production,” she explained.

And Carla Wiking told Healthline that tea was one of her go-to milk supply-boosting tools.

Enter the “Pink Drink”

But recently, something new has been getting all the supply-boosting buzz.

News about Starbucks’ Pink Drink has appeared everywhere from Cosmopolitan to “Today,” with new moms raving about the milk-boosting properties of this sweet, uncaffeinated beverage.

On the menu it’s called the Strawberry Acai Refresher, a blend of fruit juices and creamy coconut…

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