Do Men and Women Really Want Genderless Fashion?

Fashion has always responded to what’s happening next. The movement that’s happening right now: genderless apparel.

In March, H&M announced the debut of their first unisex collection, a 19-piece line of oversized denim basics called Denim United.

Recently, Parisian brand Avoc, which proudly totes their offerings as gender neutral, won the prestigious ANDAM award, which granted them $129,000 to grow their business.

While gender non-conformity and gender expression are headline topics right now, the question remains for fashion, is this just a trend, or something that has a profitable future for the retail sector?

Liusal, a streetwear brand that officially launched during New York Fashion Week: Men’s, has made being genderless a core part of their brand identity. Their main reason for this was a matter of economics on their part.

Founder and creative director Tony Stephens adjusted his whole design approach because he saw genderless apparel as the money-maker of the future. Recently, he and his artistic director Loulou Nguidjol presented their collection at the Capsule tradeshow, and buyers were very responsive.

“Buyers do feel like the money and the customer is there for genderless,” Nguidjol said. “Retailers are getting used to genderless, because socially and politically more people are blurring the lines. Brands like Thom Browne are pushing for a more genderless aesthetic, and this is where the industry is going.”

Nguidjol also pointed out how other high-fashion and streetwear brands have been playing on gender for years, and now other designers are coming full force with it.

For other brands, they still find retailers can still be a challenge for genderless clothing to get more market share.

Benjamin Fainlight, the founder and creative director of Life in Perfect Disorder, originally started his brand five years ago as a T-shirt project, but rebranded a year and a half ago and made being genderless part of the brand’s core identity because he felt…

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