Different Types of Ventricular Heart Rhythm Problems


While it is common to have abnormal heart rhythm, there are some cases that people should take seriously. Ventricular arrhythmia is a perfect example. This is a serious type of irregular heartbeat that needs medical attention so as not to make the episodes worse and hard to control.


There are millions of U.S citizens who suffer from arrhythmias in just one year.  A greater number of this is not that serious while the rest are considered to be life-threatening. According to statistics, around 500,000 Americans die of arrhythmia every year.  


It pays to be cautious and to take preventive measures even if this condition has a big percentage that it’s nothing to worry about. People should take charge of their lives and seek help from a heart specialist right away. This is to ensure that they are in perfect condition and what they are experiencing is just common.


But if the doctor’s diagnosis is ventricular arrhythmia, patients should take this seriously and do whatever it takes to have it treated. There are three types of the said arrhythmia and they are:


· PVC or Premature Ventricular Complexes – this condition arises when the heart beats prematurely, meaning it takes a short pause before it beats again.

· Ventricular Fibrillation – this happens when there is unsuccessful contraction. Instead of having a heartbeat only a tremor happens. This resulted from ventricles sending wild signals to the heart.

· Ventricular Tachycardia – the beating of the heart becomes fast due to the electrical impulses coming from a certain part in the ventricles.


These are the heart rhythm conditions that people should avoid and get treatment right away. These cases usually show symptoms, so once they experience any of the signs, they can seek medical attention right away. There are also myriad of treatment options, which can make it much easier for them to manage their condition.


But they need to understand that treatment options differ from one condition to another. If the condition is too serious or life-threatening, it is highly recommended to get electrical counter shock right away so as to make the heart beat normally again.  This treatment is called cardioversion.


Taking medications is usually done after cardioversion. This is to prevent recurrence because there are times when the heart beats abnormally again especially if people resist to take medicines.  However, they can’t take any medicines without advice coming from their doctor because they might result to allergic reactions. Once prescribed with medicines, they should take them right on time and with the right dosage. It is also important to report back to the doctor if ever side effects occur.


Implants are also another option to treat irregular heartbeat. Most people have pacemaker, a device that replaces the heart’s natural pacemaker once the latter no longer functions. These are safe and highly recommended by doctors, particularly when other treatment…

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