Custom Photo Blankets for Holiday Gift Giving

Custom photo blankets are wonderful gift to give during holiday season. A personalized blanket is very special, memorable and will be an ideal present for anyone. This is warm and also cozy during the winter season. There are a few ways to get a custom quilt. At present, there are many companies that offer the option to print a photo on super soft fleece for a cozy throw. These customizations are truly something unique and excellent gift for your special one. Now there are plenty of options for getting things perfectly customized to meet the desired preferences.

A collage photo blanket doesn’t have to be difficult to make. There are plenty of cut and tie methods for creating a fleece throw. The images are used for photo blankets have to be high quality photos. A bigger image will look better in printed form when the blanket is completed. This will ensure you a high quality blanket that will be loved and cherished forever. Now illustrators can even get custom printed covers using artwork. This allows for a unique and adorable blanket that stands out from all of the commercial blankets on the market.

Now crafty people can go as far as knit, crochet or quilt together a beautiful work or art. These custom gifts can be handed down through the years. They last forever, they give warmth and they are a sentimental reminder. However, choosing color combination, appliqués, quilt pieces and special fabrics in an exciting adventure. The possibilities for something truly custom are endless.

Size is mainly important for your photo blanket. There are blankets ranging from tiny to extra large. Deciding on a size for the custom piece will be the biggest challenge. Its best to go by what the recipient needs the most. A child would need a smaller blanket. An adult with a king sized bed may prefer something a little larger. Couch sized throws are also a recommendation. Now materials can include cotton, fleece, wool and so many others. Microfiber fabrics are hugely popular because…

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