Creativity in Business Can Take your Business to the Next Level

Creativity is something that is respected by all. One needs to be creative in their work to move ahead of the competition at the workplace. Further, many studies show that, creativity in business is necessary for that business to flourish and grow.

Further, a recent study by Adobe on creativity revealed that eight out of ten people believe that creativity is important for economic growth and for the wellbeing of society. However, only one out of four believe that they are living up to their full creative potential.

The study also found that employees put aside creativity because of the pressure to be productive.

But, do creativity and productivity have to be mutually exclusive? Are they not two side of the same coin? Often times, the one who got ahead of the race for promotion is the one who came up with an ingenious idea to capture the boss’ attention. Being a staid productive employee can only get you so far.

Creativity is not just about painting or drawing pieces of art. It could include the way you do a presentation, the way you speak during the presentation, or while writing a report for your team leader.

Bringing creativity in to business is important for several reasons. For one thing, it could lead your company in a new and completely great direction. Another instance of creativity in business could be jazzing up an existing product or service of the company to get more customers. Ideation sessions can be made more interesting by having people come with ideas that involve a bit of creativity thinking.

However, for this to work there needs to be a team leader who is willing to listen to the ideas of his team. In creativity, there is no right or wrong. There is just the creative process, which is unique to every person. Shutting down a person before they can even finish speaking by claiming that their idea is improbable is likely to cause other people to shut down too. A sense of openness is required for a good session of brainstorming.

In many instances,…

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