Costa Rica still has One of the Best Airports in Central America and the Caribbean

Why is it important for a large city to count on a modern international airport?

A modern international airport is, up to a certain extent, the best introduction card for any large city in the world. In this sense, millions of passengers usually pass through airports gates and halls every year. And the San José airport in Costa Rica is not the exception.

What is Costa Rica’s most important international airport?

The Juan Santamaría International Airport is Costa Rica’s largest airport and Central America’s 2nd largest airport. It is also a major hub for one of Central and South America’s largest carriers. Most airlines from the United States, Mexico, Salvador, Panama, Spain, and Germany include this airport as an important terminal of either origin or destination.  What is the Juan Santamaría International Airport identification code?

Depending on the city, and according to the parameters established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), every major international airport must have an identification (ID) code. In this regard, the San José airport is identified as SJO. This ID code often eases the airlines to include that specific airport in their flight lists.

What is the local time code of the SJO?

This code is expressed by a 4-digit combination, corresponding to a referential 24-hour format based on the London local time -also known as the Greenwich Mean Time or GMT. With respect to this, all airlines set the SJO’s GMT local time as 0600.

How was the SJO ranked a few years ago?

In 2013, SkyTrax -which is a well-renowned Airline and Airport Quality Rating Program reviewing over 681 airlines and 725 airports around the world- awarded Juan Santamaría International Airport as the 2nd Best Airport in Central America and the Caribbean. In that opportunity, this airport also picked up the 3rd Best Staff Award for the region. These awards were truly inspiring and motivating for all of the staff working at our local airport.

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