Coptic Solidarity Hosts 2nd Annual Modern Coptic Martyrs Remembrance Day

Egyptian Military Drove Over Copts in Zig Zag Patterns with Armored Personnel Carriers During the Maspero Massacre

Coptic Solidarity encourages individuals worldwide who care about religious freedom to join us on October 5 to commemorate Modern Coptic Martyrs who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their faith. The commemoration event will be hosted in the US Capitol Building, room H-137 at 1:30 – 2:30pm and is open to the public and press.

Confirmed speakers include: US Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ); US Representative French Hill (R-AK); Mr. Mansour Al-Hadj – Director of Reform, MEMRI; Fr. Theodoros Daoud – Archpriest, The Greek Orthodox Church; Mr. Samy Gerges – Senior Program Officer, Freedom House; Ms. Lindsay Griffin – Director of Development and Advocacy, Coptic Solidarity; Ms. Lou Ann Sabatier – Director of Strategy and Communications, 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative.

Coptic Solidarity holds this event in recognition of the rapidly increasing number of Copts who have been killed for their faith, to create greater awareness of the plight of Copts who suffer religious persecution and daily discriminations, and to advocate for their religious freedom and civil rights.

The commemoration will be held near the 6th Anniversary of the Maspero Massacre in which the Egyptian army murdered 28 demonstrators (27 were Copts) and injured 327 who were peacefully protesting the government’s closure of a church in Aswan after it was destroyed by Islamists. The government has yet to take responsibility for this brutal attack in which soldiers used live ammunition and drove armored personnel carriers in zig-zag patterns through the protestors to kill as many as possible.

Six years later, Copts continue to suffer in ever…

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