Construction Of Mexico Border Wall Prototypes Begins

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced that construction on eight prototypes of a wall to be built along the United States’ border with Mexico to prevent the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants to the country began in San Diego Tuesday.

Four of the prototypes are made of concrete, while the other four will be constructed of alternate or “other materials.” All eight prototypes will be between 18-30 feet high and designed to deter illegal crossings in the area in which they are constructed and will inform future design standards which will likely continue to evolve to meet the U.S. Border Patrol’s requirements.

Ronald Vitiello, Acting Deputy Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said “Moving forward with the prototypes enables us to continue to incorporate all the tools necessary to secure our border.”

Completion of the wall prototype construction is expected within 30 days, CBP said in a press release.

After that, officials will evaluate the designs for three months for their effectiveness, including gauging their resistance to penetration with small hand tools.

Four companies have been shortlisted to develop prototypes of the wall, but the final design is likely to be based on an amalgamation of design features.

President Donald Trump last month reaffirmed his commitment to build the continuous wall across the entire southern US border which was one of his key election promises.

The Republican-led House of Representatives in July approved a bill that includes $1.6 billion fund for building the wall.

But it is likely that Senate Democrats will block Trump’s budget request when it moves to the upper chamber.

Congressional funding for the border wall is not well taken by Democrats and a section among Republicans.

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