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The former Chief of Staff urged the Conservative Party to get their “mojo” back or risk losing the next election to reinvigorated Labour.

Mr Timothy told The Sun: “Instead of debating the future of the country at their party ­conference, the Tories have been ­distracted by Boris Johnson’s leadership ­ambitions.”

The Tory conference, which began on Sunday has been dominated by questions about the Foreign Secretary’s Brexit interventions and claims he wants to replace Mrs May as Prime Minister.

Mr Timothy warned that the stakes could not be higher claiming a hard-Left Labour Party Government under Jeremy Corbyn would be devastating for the economy.

The Labour leader and his Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell promised huge public spending at their party conference in Brighton to cheers from the chanting crowd.

Mr Timothy said: “Their proposed spending splurge would cost hundreds of billions and cause a new debt crisis.

“The result would not be the guaranteed annual pay rises they promised the public sector, but more cuts, new job losses and longer pay freezes.”

Outlining the possible risks of Labour’s spending both Mr McDonnell and Mr Corbyn admitted that a run on the pound could result from their socialist policies.

The former Tory aide also warned that investors and businesses would flee the country.

He claimed the pounds value would plummet following Mr Corbyn taking the reigns causing savings, pensions and wages to all have their values slashed.

Conceding that policies including public ownership of rail and power have some strong public support Mr Timothy insisted that socialism was not the answer.

He said: “Socialism is not the solution. Wherever it has been tried, it has brought nothing but unemployment and human misery.”

And according to Mr Timothy criticism of capitalism is understandable as the system is “not perfect” but it is the best way to improve people’s lives and lift them out of poverty.

The Tories have promised to loosen the purse…

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