Connect the fashion brand with polluted river

Fashion industry is charming and girls are crazy about the fashion industry, Young people would like to dress up like superstar and colorful or fashion style always attract your eyeball. On the other hand, the fashion industry is not an environmental industry. The pollution river and death fish is your sacrifice for unhealthy life. The fashion industry is no longer as glamorous as it may appear and by wearing a pair of jeans you may have contributed to the pollution of China’s rivers.

As a fact, for the ordinary, it is hard to understand how many polluting companies to give technology support for the fashion brands. Especially for the industry like textile industry or manufactures industry which alleged that 46 Chinese and international clothing brands are being supplied by textile companies that violate the country’s environmental laws. The famous brand is well-known and famous such as Levi Strauss, Burberry, Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess and Zara, along with China’s 361 Degrees, Anta and Youngor. Behind the perfect finished goods, many pollute company helps them to settle down the pollution. The ranges of the polluted companies is widely which ranged from textile to famous clothing brand including Esprit, Guess and C&A.

However, the Nanjing government issued its most serious “red card” warnings against the company in both 2008 and 2009 for failing to adhere to environmental regulations. But it is still an environmental warning and it do not have law power. The enterprise still made some mistakes and in 2010,Nanjing Zhongtian received a “yellow card” for illegally discharging waste water without an official permit.

While it comes as little surprise that the country is registering such high levels of pollution, the findings have prompted renewed concern about whether the high price it is paying, in terms of the environment and health, especially now that China is the world’s second-largest economy and could provide more funding for environmental protection and China…

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