Companies must boost digital presence ahead of ecommerce grocery boom

“Many of today’s consumers enjoy grocery shopping and are using their smartphones, tablets and other connected devices to make their shopping experience convenient and integrated with their daily lives. In fact, digital now permeates the entire path to purchase,”​ the research firm says in the new report The Grocery Digital Divide.

For example, it notes, 80% of shoppers have used digital devices to browse or research grocery products, and their in-store use of the technology has increased from 33% to 51% over the course of 2016.

But just because consumers are using digital more to buy groceries, doesn’t mean they are happy with the tools and resources available to them from manufacturers and retailers. In fact, Deloitte found only 33% of consumers believe that digital in its current state makes grocery shopping easier, compared to 42% across other retail categories.

This gap could translate to CPG companies and retailers “potentially leaving money on the table,”​ given that  33% of digitally influenced consumers in 2015 said they spent more money across all categories – up from 22% the prior year.

“Digital’s continued rise in influence can present substantial opportunities … to further increase consumer spend if they can quickly adapt their business models and build capabilities to deliver on the new digital imperative,”​ the report concludes.

To do this the grocery industry – including retailers and manufacturers alike – likely must undergo a “two-fold transformation,”​ Deloitte says.

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