Commit Swimming Set Of The Week: Aerobic Work For Sprinters

Photo Courtesy: SIPA USA

Welcome to Swimming World’s Set of the Week sponsored by Commit! This week’s set is a short end aerobic set that is great for sprinters of all four strokes. Take a look at the set below and the description that follows:

4 Rounds:
4 x 25’s on :10 rest with a snorkel as:
#1 – fast kick
#2 – drill
#3 – fast breakout
#4 – fast finish
4 x 75’s on :15 rest as:
25 moderate
25 fast
25 sprint
4 x 50’s on :20 rest as:
#1 – build each 25
#2 – middle 25 fast
#3 – whole 50 fast
#4 – easy free

This set is designed to be a good high intensity aerobic workout for your sprinters that keeps them moving while also focusing on the technical aspects that should be their strength. The workout starts with 4 x 25’s that start with fast kick to wake up the legs, drill to find their stroke, and a fast breakout and fast finish to help them tune into the details of their stroke.

Following the 25’s are 4 x 75’s build, with the final 25 at a high intensity. Don’t take more than :15 rest between each 25 to keep them moving. If the quality is not there on the last 25, give them an extra :05 rest before the final 25 to get them swimming up to the speed you want.

The final 4 x 50’s build in a similar manner, giving your athletes a different focus on each 50 to keep them interested and their effort up. Take about :20 rest between each 50 to keep their focus and intensity high. This set works for any of the four strokes and is a great set to alternate between freestyle and a secondary stroke or to do the set IM order. Happy swimming!


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