COMMENTARY: The clogged arteries that are our roadways | Opinion

As mayor of Pharr and as vice-chairman of the Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization, I believe the need for additional transportation and infrastructure funding for key projects is critical for the future livelihood not only in the Rio Grande Valley, but for the economic vitality of our state and nation.

A surgeon by trade, I know first-hand the damage that a blocked vein, artery or vessel can cause to the human body, limiting the flow of necessary oxygen and nutrients to our organs and tissues and leading to serious complications.

What is a doctor’s prescription in this case? Take steps to alleviate the current blockage and prevent future clots so that veins flow freely and the body functions as it should. The same advice rings true when looking at a transportation plan that will affect our future.

Due to our tremendous population growth in Texas, we presently suffer severely congested highways, roadways and interchanges. Consequences include collisions, traffic delays, and a general slowdown in productivity in getting goods, services, and people where they need to be. As our state population continues growing at an increasingly rapid pace, adding 30,000 new vehicles to the state’s roadways every month, we must act now to adequately expand and develop our highways and roadways to accommodate growth and…

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