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Donald Trump’s “against all odds” victory — a serendipitous historical event of epic proportion — breathed new life into an America staggered after eight rounds (years) in the political ring with an unranked amateur flyweight southpaw boxer from Chicago. Establishment Republican knees routinely “buckled” before Barack Obama threw a punch.

Trump, at least temporarily, halted the relentless progressive march toward global governance, destruction of capitalism, redistribution of wealth, and dismissal of our Constitution as a “flawed document” irrelevant to our time.

ClimateScare Skeptics/Deniers, long the target of progressive censorship, are reenergized, encouraged that the masquerade of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) pathological consensus science will at last be unmasked, the Terrible Triad (consensus scientists, progressive politicians, crony capitalists) put out of business, and the disastrous Clean Power Plan repealed.

Nick Snow (Jan. 16, “Follow the Money”) revisits a 2013 forum joust with bona fide scientist Max Totten. Snow reports conclusions that, in the 1960s, the sugar industry paid researchers thousands to conceal “the harmful effects of sugar.” Ditto for the tobacco industry.

He uses the “Follow the Money” scenario and a Scientific American article to impugn evil Exxon. “Once a…

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