Columbia City Council continues to hear comments on Unified Development Code

Residents concerned about…

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Columbia City Council held the second of four meetings to talk about modifying the city’s Unified Development Code at 9 a.m. Saturday.

The Unified Development Code contains revised zoning and subdivision provisions and it consolidates development standards in a single chapter of the city code.

The UDC will update subdivision requests, zoning and land preservation requirements for the city and update zoning regulations involving infrastructure, multi-family housing, and parking standards.

The first meeting was held Monday night and most people discussed the design rules of multi-family and single-family housing that are next to each other.

One issue many residents were concerned about was neighborhood preservation. Residents in central-Columbia neighborhoods in particular were concerned with the possibility of large apartment buildings moving in and changing the dynamic of their neighborhood. 

“Making a neighborhood and building a…

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