Cologne want Chinese Super League transfer ‘madness’ over – Jorg Schmadtke

The FC crew have their say on where they think Wayne Rooney will be playing when the 2017-18 Premier League season begins.

Cologne sporting director Jorg Schmadtke has said he is eager for the “madness” of the Chinese Super League transfer window to end.

Last week, Cologne turned down a €40 million offer for Anthony Modeste from what was then an unnamed Chinese Super League club, with Tianjin Quanjian later reported to be the interested party.

“The madness will be over soon,” Schmadtke said ahead of Wednesday, when the transfer window in China will be closed.

“We’ve said ‘no’ once and we did not want to give because of a next offer. We’ve positioned ourselves,” Schmadtke added, before hitting out at Tianjin Quanjian’s approach.

“I thought it was strange, partially rude how they played it. We’ve said ‘no’ several times and it’s without respect to not take note of it. That’s not my idea of values. If they show the big money four, five, six times it does not mean that we will throw us in the dust.”

The club said they were not interested in jeopardising their “sporting goals because of a transfer” and hoped that they would not receive a fresh offer from China.

Anthony Modeste has scored 17 Bundesliga goals this season.

But during the week the bid was increased to €50m, and at the weekend Bild reported that Tianjin Quanjian, who were also linked with Wayne Rooney in recent days, were the club behind the offer.

Schmadtke explained they were contacted by mail and phone by different agents, but never by the Chinese club. However, Schmadtke said that he contacted Tianjin Quanjian coach Fabio Cannavaro on the phone.

He said: “I talked turkey with him and with strongly asked him to keep those folks at bay. No means no.”

Also at the weekend, it was made public by Mario Gomez’s agent, Uli Ferber, that Tianjin Quanjian, also tried to sign the Germany international and offered him an annual net salary of €15 million.

“There was an absolute serious offer, which we’ve…

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