CMG Financial Makes Nationwide Expansion

Every Customer, Every Time, No Exceptions, No Excuses.

CMG Financial, headquartered in San Ramon, CA, continues to grow, welcoming a wide array of leadership hires and new branches. Since March alone, the firm has added 132 retail staff members and 13 branches nationwide, including Divisional Sales Managers, Regional Sales Managers, Area Sales Managers, Branch Managers, and Sales Managers.

CMG has a proven ability to adapt quickly to the fast-changing lending environment while building a leadership team with a shared vision of creating competitive advantages that are, as their value statement says, “Extraordinary by Design.”

CMG Financial is licensed in 49 states and the District of Columbia, and leverages the resources of a national brand while maintaining the personal touch and attentive service of a local lender. Local processing and regional underwriting enables loan officers to build and establish accessible teams to make loans work for customers, even when faced with challenges. Their in-house marketing agency works with the latest technology to allow their staff to design custom campaigns to fit the needs of each market, automate for a low-touch environment, and gain a truly competitive edge in a crowded field.

Their customer-first approach is embodied by CMG Financial’s mantra, “Every Customer, Every Time, No Exceptions, No Excuses.” Their focus on operational efficiency attracts and retains the best people in the industry, building strong referral partnerships, and engaged client relationships.

People are the heart and soul of CMG Financial, and the company is delighted to welcome their latest leadership hires, including:

Craig Goetz, Divisional Sales Manager – Chaska, MN

Ryan Thomas Hatleli, Regional Sales Manager NMLS# 174748 – Rapid City, SD

Everett Abicht, Regional Sales Manager NMLS# 721606 – Washougal, WA

Nathan Hernandez, Regional Sales Manager – Denver, CO

John Callahan, Area Sales Manager NMLS# 447119 – Scottsdale, AZ

Mitch Rowell, Branch Manager NMLS# 252712 – Columbia, SC

Michael Skinner, Branch Manager NMLS# 195914 – Myrtle Beach, SC

Brian Bagon, Branch Manager NMLS# 201233 – Albuquerque, NM

Richard Blair, Branch Manager NMLS# 213176 – Scottsdale, AZ

Jeffrey Fair, Branch Manager – Auburn, AL

Rochelle Boone, Branch Manager NMLS# 762713 – Pinehurst, NC

Peter Horiszny, Branch Manager NMLS# 326087 – Tampa, FL

Don Blaize, Branch Manager NMLS# 184888 – Biloxi, MS

Ruben Cruzpino, Branch Manager NMLS# 660482 – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Edward Geraghty, Branch Manager NMNLS# 320745 – Jacksonville, FL

Carlson Willins, Branch Manager NMLS# 304028 – Atlanta, GA

Randall Montoya, Sales Manager NMLS# 198143 – Albuquerque, NM

Syndia G. Anady, Sales Manager…

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