Cleveland Praised, Clinic Scrutinized in Buzzy National Coverage

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The only two Cleveland-related pieces worth reading on Monday, it would seem, came from popular national outlets and painted divergent pictures of Northeast Ohio.

One, published Sunday in the L.A. Times, was your standard travel piece. It documented the region’s resurgence with familiar narrative constructions and suggestions for visitors: “Cleveland, once called the mistake on the lake,” read the headline, “is on the cusp of cool.”

Unlike many a blurby, promotional Cleveland listicle, to its credit, the L.A. Times piece featured actual reporting — that is, quoted material — and gave a rare shout-out to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History alongside tried-and-true attractions like the Rock Hall, the art museum and the West Side Market.

It was a perfectly adequate example of what you’re likely to find in any big newspaper’s Sunday travel section. But its tone, for those locals who have paid attention to Cleveland’s curated ascendant image, was as eye-rollingly bland and promotional as material from the tourism bureau itself.

“I am sitting on the deck of a…

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