Classic cars, refurbishing a building and more

Photos of classic cars in Mt. Pleasant, recommendations on judgeships in Gratiot County, construction at Alma College and the restoration of a building in Winn that’s more than 100 years old were in news this weekend.

Here is a recap:

-Greg Seckler, who restores old buildings to rent to others, is undergoing the huge task of restoring the former Winn Shopping Center.

Now in great disarray, the building once housed a grocery store, upstairs rooms for traveling salesmen and an opera house.

Seckler wants to have the building completely renovated in two years, and will lease the parts he is not using.


-With students gone for the summer, Alma College is in construction mode.

Construction and renovation projects totaling more than $6 million are underway on campus.

When the work is completed, students will have access to the new high-tech academic space in the Dow Science Center and improved student housing options.

All of the work is being done by Michigan companies.

-New analysis suggests the Gratiot and Clinton County Circuit Court should retain two judges even if one retires, an about-face on recommendations enacted in 2013 that called for the elimination of one seat through attrition.

In its latest judicial resource recommendations, the Michigan Supreme Court State Court Administrative Office reversed a 2011 proposal that the 29th Circuit Court eliminate one of its judgeships once one of the two currently sitting judges left the position.

The recommendation was enacted into law in 2013 and is pending attrition; as it stands now, if either Michelle Rick or Randy Tahvonen left the bench, the circuit would have just one judge going forward.

Michigan legislature will now consider whether or not to enact into law any of the recommendations made by the SCAO this year.

-Classic cars and motorcycles came to downtown Mt. Pleasant Saturday during the Home Builders Association of Michigan car show.


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